Bottom Up Technologies corporation is now BTCORP GENERIQUE NANO PRIVATE LIMITED


Founded in 2012, BT CORP [Bottom Up Technologies Corporation] is an Indian nanotechnology company with a unique presence to build a global intellectual property portfolio to commercialise the cutting edge technology-THE NANOTECHNOLOGY……..


BT CORP avoids the hype and determined only on what’s important, realistic and feasible in nanotechnology domain.

The foundation for our growth is a deep understanding of both the economic stimuli and the technology requirements of our customers which enables us to offer the most desirable outcomes through leading edge R&D. We work collaboratively with our customers to develop innovative Nanotechnology product and process solutions for exceptional results.

BT CORP is growing exponentially through internal and collaborative creation of patented and trade secret (“know-how”) IPs. Our intellectual team envisions providing the finest nanomaterials (Graphene&MWCNT), method & protocol development, rapid prototyping and integration solutions for composite, energy, defense, material science, and biotechnology industries.











Strive every day to become the world`s most innovative company with Nanotechnology as our core competency.




To be admired by our customers, employees, business partners and investors for the experience and value they enjoy from partnering with us while keeping a passions for economic growth caring environmental protection and social responsibility.

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