About Us

We manufracture Graphene to help businesses
Launch products, brands and ideas.

BT Corp Generic Nano Private Ltd is a privately held nanotechnology company having major segments as:

    • Graphene and Multiwall Carbo Nanotube Manufacturing
    • Application Development focused on these carbon nanomaterials
    • Nano-consulting

Incepted as a passionate house where new ideas are conceptualized, investigated, implemented and traded at a pace that will revolutionize the conventional use of materials taking the advantages of nano-horizon. We believe in a synergistic approach and trying to infuse the academic research with industries.

Consistent qualities, lack of scalability knowledge and cost have prevented nanomaterials from becoming a commercial reality. BT Corp existed to help the industries in order to make industrial adaptability of nanomaterials. Our strength is in our unique know-how and technology, which allow for the cost-effective production of quality nanomaterials. We provide the optimized knowledge base needed to understand, model, and control manufacturing technologies of materials that are critical to producing with consistent quality in bulk.

We Stand For our Values


We avoid the hype and focus only on what’s important, realistic and feasible. The nanotechnology field is a fertile hunting ground for new business opportunities. We pave the access to drive growth in this area by bridging the gap between theories and real applications.

We wish to drive forward innovative and sustainable solutions as an enabler in exactly those areas that confront us with serious challenges. Through research and innovation, we support our customers in nearly every industry in meeting the current and future needs of society.