About our Services

Manufacturing Consultancy

BT CORP undertakes manufacturing consultancy service for Carbon Nanotube and Graphene nanomaterials from scratch to established production facility up to the tonnage capacity.

Graphene and Carbon nanotubes are having maximum application area because of its exceptional properties and thus the business potentials. The industries have faced the cost AND scalability issues with these nanomaterials which have been hurdles for becoming commercial reality. BTCORP has the right solution at the right time which gives you the flexibility and power you need to get there. Let us help you optimize manufacturing processes for maximum efficiency and galvanize your Nanotech infrastructure to be both resilient and robust.


  • - Most potential Nanomaterials which goes into structural materials for value addition
  • - Last year there was maximum coverage of patents based on these nanomaterials
  • - Relatively non-competitive and almost all industries have maximum attention to adopt
  • - Huge margin of profitability because of low manufacturing cost
  • - Everyday new customers requirement
  • - Already verities of innovative products line in our locality

When you choose BTCORP as your Nanotechnology services, consulting and business solutions partner, you will discover what so many global enterprises have already discovered—the revolutionary power of technology.

Through our full service portfolio, we commit to produce Carbon Nano Tube & Graphene of all variants in the cheapest investment cost through our unique `know how` and specific expertise in the domain. The proprietary methods and equipment are suitable to produce the result oriented Nanomaterials in commercially feasible directions.

This segment of consultancy involves with- The investor`s proposal, Site survey, Production Plant design and layout, Customized equipment assembly, Certification/Licensing, Production Protocol Optimization, Production, Handling directions ,Training to investor`s team, Ensure Smooth Production runs, Local vendor contacts, Vigilance with Technical back up by BTCORP for quick assistance. Besides, BTCORP give you the access for the Contact and communication with potential customers & developers enabling product development with the opportunity to own IP.