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Nano Epoxy Paint


Conductive epoxy resin paint is two component system and the formulation is composed of Carbon Nano materials as the active ingredients suitable to apply on metal substrate for heat sink application & EMI Shielding and surface protection from odd weather conditions.

The nanotechnology generated innovative paintable epoxy coating is a rare presence in the league of industrial coating. The applications are appealing more towards technical uses rather than the cosmetic demand in this premium class of the product produced by BTCORP. EG201 is a low viscosity epoxy resin that exhibits minimal handling hazards and very low odor.

This is used with amine hardeners which are demonstrating excellent electrical & physical properties alongside surface protection.

Epoxy Nano-Paint Optimized Data

Sl.N. Parameter Values
1 Density at 25oC 1.25g/cc
2 Hardness (ASTM D3363) > 4 H
3 Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117) 1000Hrs
4 Adhesion (ASTM D4541) 1933 psi
5 Viscosity at 25oC[Brook filed] 1-6
6 Pore Size On Surfaces 700-900 CPS
7 Solid Content 54%
8 Spreadibility on metal surface 6m2/litre [80micron] Dry
9 Colour of coated surface Dark Grey /Black on dry
10 Thermal conductivity of coated surface 0.240w/mk
11 Dielectric Strength 10.86 KV/mm
12 Surface Electric Resistance of coated surface 20 X 104Ω
13 Working Temp of coated surface -5°C to 170 °C
14 Pot Life 120 minute
15 Flash Point >160 °C
16 VOC 450 gram/Litre
17 Colour Black
18 Temperature resistance of coated surface 230 °C
19 Coating drying condition 80 °C for 8hrs or Air dried 6 days
20 Shelf-life of product 3years from date of manufacturing