Our Product


BTGraph® is the Exfoliated graphene sheet containing elemental fractions of Carbon > 98% , Sulfur < 2%. Chemical functional groups as lactone, carbonyl and hydroxyl are naturally presence

Purity Thickness Surface Area Diameter
96-99% ~3-6nm 323-600 m2/g 10-20 Micron
Advantages of BT Graph®:
  • High aspect ratio
  • Ease to handle
  • Very thin exfoliated sheet
  • Ultimately High Purity

BTGraph® are 1-3 layered aggregates of sub-micron platelets measuring a diameter of < 5 microns with high aspect ratio. Optimally, when BTGraph® mixes in minute quantity with host matrix such as polymer, metals, it improves the Mechanical, Thermal & Electrical properties without significant increase in the finished products cost.


BTGraph® improves the mechanical performance, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and permeation barrier properties of a range of composites and formulations. In BTGraph®, the graphene layers are entirely disassociated ensuring good dispersion and ease of handling while providing the full performance advantages of graphene. BTC-Graphene® has been successfully implemented and is recommended for following areas. Although the main users are: Academic research centres, Defence laboratories AND Industries covering-Composite /Structural materials, Paint &Coating, Energy, Biomedical, Electronics!

• Protective Structural Materials (as Nanofillers and Nanocomposites)
• Fuel (Cryogenic) Tanks
• EM Shielding
• Ballistic/fragment protection
• Engine and turbine components
• Protective Elastomer components Reinforcement polymers[Epoxies]
• Tier
• Transparent Conductive Film
• Organic Photovoltaic cells
• Organic light emitting diodes
• Sensors & Catalysts
• Liquid Crystal Displays
• Touch screens
• Conductive films
• Conductive plastic
• Transparent conductive coatings
• Energy Storage and Electric Devices
• Solar energy
• Super capacitors
• Li-ion batteries
• Integrated circuits
• Electrochromic devices
• MEMS and NEMS, nanoelectronics,
• Field-effect transistors
• E-papers & Conductive inks
• MICR inks
• Thermal management and interfacial materials
• Anti-microbial, Chemical, & Thermal
• Anti-bacterial paper
• Air & water purification
• Chemical and explosive detecting sensors
• Microbial detection and diagnosis devices
• Nanopesticides, Fertilizer
• Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

BT Corp provide stable dispersion of Graphene in water, and other common organic solvent including ethanol, DMF, IPA, Resins etc . Master batch is available upto 3%Wt/V in desired solvent