Chemical Vapor Deposition Set Up (CVD Equipment)

Maximum Operating Temp1600 Degree Celcius
Maximum Attainable Vacuum10-5 Torr
Maximum Positive Gas Pressure 0.3Kg/cm3
Power supply415V 3ph 50 Hz Ac 4 wire system
Thermal Control Programmable PID controller
Vacuum pumping system valves gauges With diffusion pump associate rotary vacuum pump and necessary
Gas supply panel Consists of flow controllers, valves and pipes
MOCSS302Outer casing with Powder coating
MOC of tubeAlumina/Quartz with boat
Working tube dimensions 60mm ID x 70mm OD x 300mm Hot zone length
Weight of CVD Set Up500 Kg
The Chemical Vapor Deposition is safe, non-dangerous operation and long lasting simple set up.
Suitable for Universities and research laboratory
Guaranteed growth of CNT, Graphene, Fullerene upto 10 gram/batch

CVD Equipment

BTCORP  Generique Nano P.Ltd supplies CVD equipment for research laboratories. This is one of our primary products having outstanding sales record and performance.

  • We assure the guaranteed growth of the 1D & 2D nanomaterials in easy and quick ways.
  • The equipment is accident-proof, simple enough to be controlled & handled by students/trainee long lasting heating  element.
  • This is superior among all currently available in market.
  • This is first time in the segment of CVD equipment where standard  process is being shared with the equipment.
  • Delivery time:3-4 weeks
  • Global supply in suitable packaging.
Tubular CVD Furnace products Grown
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