The Graphene based reinforced resin [PP,LLDPE,PC,PA6/PA66] are readily available for  kit manufacturers to make more effective & premium products. Graphene coating is another most appealing product in connection to this application.

The graphene coating can be used for coating the equipment. This is on the trend and plenty of such products are available in the market at the moment to ensure the safety and nullify any possible error.

Graphene Reinforced Resin

Graphene Reinforced Resin[PP,LLDPE,PA6] For non-woven/woven PPE kits

Graphene based Yarn

Graphene based Yarn for woven PPE Equipment

Graphene Coating

Face Mask Graphene Coating

Advantages over conventional products

  • Graphene has natural inherent antimicrobial property with the combination of electrical properties.
  • More effective & premium goods to ensure maximum safety >99%.
  • ESD & Anti-microbial surfaces, repelling dust, spore, microbes fine particulate including Coronavirus.
  • Graphene coating is being used to develop testing kit and sensor.
  • Easy clean and more hygenic.
  • The trendy porduct of the modern age of nanotechnology.

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