GRAPHENE (TG) - BTGraph® TG Product Code G1 : (CAS Number:1034343-98-0)

Color & FormsDark Grey Amorphous Powder
[Dispersion in common solvent available]
Product Purity>99%
Graphitized Carbon [C]>93%
Bulk Density0.25 gram/cc
Average Surface Area80 m2g[BET ] & 350m2g[SSA]
Particle Size [<10 micron]Average Lateral Dimension[X-Y] 10 micron
Average Thickness Dimension[X-Z] 20 nm
Number of LayersMono Layer 5%
Bilayer 5%
Few layered 90%
Production MethodProprietary Chemical Exfoliation

SEM Image of BTGraph® TG

Raman BTGraph® TG

Photoshot of Bulk BTGraph® TG

AFM Image BTGraph® TG

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